Monday, November 7, 2011

A Photographer

We were having a photocontest in Get Your Blog Followers this weekend and I will present the winner here and a little about him.

He is Chip Etier and he is both a photographer and a talented blogger.He has great knowledge in american fotball, religion, reviews on books, networking and blogging of course.His blog is called:

Etier Photography

When a blogger shows a broad knowledge like Chip it is very interesting to follow him and he likes a historical approach in his photos, check out the winning photo from here!


If you want to visit the area for photos in our group you can do it from here,

Photos on GYBF.

Do you like them all? I wouldn´t think so, but if you have the eye for art you should be able to sort out the aristic images and photos from the average.

We can see a percent from around 3-5% of all internet marketers online making money and as many as 95-97% fail in their efforts to make money, so it wouldn´t be to stick to reality describing every marketer as a supertalent.I always prefer to pick the positive sides of people overall but I can recognize writers and photgraphers like Chip are standing out from the rest.

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