Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Theme


We need to have that when we are making our blogposts and today´s theme for my blogpost is images.

We will have a photocontest in my group Get Your Blog Followers the coming weekend.You should have a variation when you are blogging and with the strongest images you don´t necessarily have to have so much of content even if you have to prior content of quality, of course.

Here is the first image I want to use to describe what I have written the last lines, for example,

Autumn contest winner Pictures, Images and Photos

Another suggestion on an image which would fit in with the content for a blogpost about internet marketing would be the banner to an opportunity or something like this:

Enivri SEO Services Pictures, Images and Photos

You could have a repeating theme once a week which reflects your interest or some kind of passion that you have in your life.

Whatever you are blogging about using images you will need imagination when doing it and here is an example which should start some creative imagination in your worthful brain:

imagination Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, start your tour on themes and images now....


OddBlogger said...

thats great.All the best for contest,i will be joining.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks OddBlogger!

You can submit your image or photo by clicking on the link besides our banner in the group right up in the header section.Don´t forget to include your bloglink.