Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veterans And Following

We had a photocontest again in Get Your Blog Followers  and Roy Durham  won the contest.

His photo is a celebration for the Veterans Day.

Roy is a blogger who is interested in setting up different contests and he is good in networking with others.You can be inspired by his blog and you might be interested in participating in his poem challenges as well,

Roy´s Garage Sell And Auction

I have several goals with the group on FB and one is to bring bloggers of the same interests together so they can share their interests and follow each others blogs.This way they can get attention and readers to their blogs and reach potential customers.If you find a blogger whose blog you become interested in you should follow him/her.I started the group as I saw that many bloggers had very few followers and even if we want regular readers we should create this list of followers to create sufficient traffic to our blogs.

As I am marketing lucrative, moneymaking opportunities on this blog I want to reach customers both here and there and in a group like this the potential customers exists as well.

Blogging is becoming the crucial platform for any marketer online and we should probably see how even opportunities of different kind will want to adjust their models to make it attractive for business bloggers.
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What I like amongst bloggers is the capability to show compassion towards others even if we have to watch out for the bad ones from time to time as well.

Here, a photoshow about an animal photographer:


Roy Durham said...

thank you Mattias i am honored. to those that read and blog god bless. it the men and women who gave it all for us so we can do this we owe our thanks god bless them.

Mattias Kroon said...

Yes Roy!

Yes, men who were pioneers in their times.Men and women who have built up the nations.

Congrats Roy!