Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome, world of possibilities!

My fundshares are going up again despite the shaky market.

You know, you have to learn to invest or save on the long term.But you must have in mind the possibility to bring in the profits on the short term sometimes too even if the perspective is the long term.Then you always have the option to reinvest again or use the profits for your bills or other needs you have.

What I have been focusing on this fall is to figure out what funds which have been developing the best strategies and of course, which Morningstarranking they have.
I have searched for funds which are investing in the information technology and they have been going strong and still do.

That doesn´t mean I can guarantee they will do for the rest of the year but this is based on a marketanalyzis.It is very likely that the IT-sector will continue to grow with big companies like Apple and Google in the lead.

LifeStorage, Chicago Self Storage Continuing Charity Efforts with Food Drive Pictures, Images and Photos You should also take a look at what region, nations in the world where the most dramatical growth should come both in a short time but even more important on the long term perspective.
I am focusing more directly on funds than buying and selling with stocks as funds are more stable.Have in mind that I have the shares and units in the other opportunities as well.

The rats are rather ugly in the corrupt people who always try to make their impression in the financial world but to chose to cooperate with good people who have the sufficient economical knowledge
that is needed to survive and overcome in times like this is crucial for you both in the niche of funds and stocks and in the niche of online advertising companies and other opportunities.

Welcome to the world of possibilities, watch the sun when it rises again!


Mary said...

Very interesting article Mattias. I have never really done well with investments of this kind...I'm more of the 'direct' investment as having a business. I like the idea of actually having control of my revenue and funds. I guess I got gun shy when I had a financial adviser that was handling our stocks and lost just about everything. Since then, I have revamped and make a profit solely off of our businesses :)

Mattias Kroon said...

I understand Mary!

Therefore an investor needs reliable fund and stockbrokers, of course.

Shreya said...

Useful and inspiring post. Thanks for sharing :)

Mattias Kroon said...

You are welcome Shreya!

It feels inspiring to motivate bloggers like you.