Saturday, December 10, 2011

Freedom And Poetry

From time to time I write poetry and this time I want to create a poem, an acrostic which is my absolute favorite form of poetry.

Acrostics are inspiring to be creative and unique.Whatever you are doing online, never lose your uniqueness and freedom in your works.Never lose your integrity cause if you lose your integrity, you are no more the person you should be.

Now to my acrostic and you should notice that I try to keep to a theme in the whole of it.

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Keys To Financial Freedom

Knowledge is like gold in your hands
End or the beginning, it all has to be well founded
Yesterday will show what the future has to tell us
Strive for balance and you will prosper

Tomorrow will be a harvest of what you deliver now
On and off, I suppose you want to show us the light?

Face off, unmasked
Innovations by creative forces
Nurtured by smart ideas
Achieve what you have a passion for
Never steal anyone others ideas
Candles of money can be handled properly
If I want to fill a need I can
Ask for the wisdom in the first hand
Leave greediness behind

Fast, you want it too fast
Reach it on the long term
Eternal and full of life
Elders can make good profit when retired
Dangerous and Uthopia?
Oh no, it is realistic and achieveable
Many steps on the way even if it is the right path 


Shreya said...

This is nice one. I loved the way you created. :)

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Shreya!

This is absolutely my favorite form.