Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pay It Forward Part 2

I can´t mention it enough, the motive you need to have in your online business is the pay it forward attitude.

As I have mentioned in a previous article it is crucial for you to apply the pay it forward-thinking in your online business.

It won´t work with the greedy attitude and it won´t work with a locked attitude either.

You need to have an open attitude for this principal, to help others and pay it forward cause with the right admin in a program you will eventually be rewarded with such an attitude.

You may think, it work for others but not for me.Stop thinking in that way and be aware of principals that have worked for others most likely should work also for you and you are building on your experience every day.We will always see a pretty high failure rate in the internet business, yet we should strive for making it as equal as we can for as many marketers as possible.

Is that your goal besides making more money?

The movie Pay It Forward should be every internet marketers favorite movie as it gives us the goal we all should have, as it gives us the ethics we all should have when making money online.There are always both wins and losses but as long as you can track that your business is moving forward you are happy, especially if you are living the win-win mentality and create possibilities also for others.

Are you able to see other peoples hearts?

Are you able to develop a compassion in your life?

Internet marketing isn´t solely about making money but also a matter of helping others, create funds to help people in need, it is also about filling other peoples needs overall.



Larry Lewis said...

Mattias what a great post. Firstly you are using to me the key principle that all us 'online entrepreneurs' need to be operating and that is win-win. Whether like me, as a blogger, you as an internet marketer, if we try to help everyone we work with, and touch benefit from their time with us, then ultimately we and our business, our readers, our followers and our team will all win win win

Mattias Kroon said...

Thank you Larry!

I am glad for your encouraging input:)