Sunday, January 8, 2012


How do you set your mind for success?

Have you seen the movie Cliffhanger with Sylvester Stallone?

It is an exciting movie.It has a dramatical beginning but it surely shows how important it is to master the climbing in mountains for those who are interested and have the courage to do that.It has to be made step by step, cliff by cliff.

I can imagine that many want simple solutions to most things in life and sure, there are efficient ways to succeed in life but there are obstacles to defeat and overcome as well.

You don´t achieve everything in one step, you have to learn the necessary skills along the road.

However, if you feel that you must struggle all the time, then there definitely are more smooth solutions for you to succeed in your marketing or whatever goal you may have in your online activities.

cliffhanger Pictures, Images and Photos You can´t climb upwards all the time, you have to walk down in the valleys from time to time and smell the roses.Look at the fascinating trees and flowers.You will need your challenges but at the same time you will need the unstressed mentality to be successful.

The pushy and too aggressive attitude from the old MLM-days are over, you will achieve better results with focused and targeted marketing.

As you know I have been blogging about the opportunities I am an affiliate for and they are always built on a foundation where you aren´t forced to sponsor to earn but where you get a bonus commission on sponsoring members who will become paying members.They are more sound models and you earn on your shares or adunits.

These kind of opportunities are a huge difference to the former MLM:s where you had to sponsor a lot of referrals to earn anything at all!

You may suddenly discover an eagle´s nest on a cliff.When you see the eagle is flying away you may understand now what my writing points at.The metaphor tells us about the eagle´s perspective to get the whole picture on your internet marketing, blogging and social marketing.


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