Saturday, January 14, 2012

Content Is King

We have seen many programs come and go online but if you develop the habit of chosing the long term opportunities all the time your chances will increase to make the better money.

Cause even if your earnings temporarily will slow down in any of those programs they have the tools to retart and there you go! It is still going strong! This year has started off very good on all branches this time! Now to today´s teachings.....

Blogging tips for the average and professional marketer

What kind of mood do you have today? I suppose you are having your ups and downs as the rest of us but you should chose to blog when you have the sufficient inner energy to do that.Take an honest look at your own blogging.What should you improve to draw even greater attention and interest to your blogging? A little change or a bigger change overall? That depends on your level of experience but don´t try to improve everything in a day.You need to be a marketer whatever you are blogging about.This is an "of course" amongst business bloggers but even if you are running a poetry blog you need to get the word out.

Evolve Pictures, Images and Photos You also need the ability, the compassion for others so you can feel the heart, the pulse of their writings.

Learn to read "between the lines".It is not only the letters but the content as a whole which will make the impression on your readers.What do the blogger wish to say to you? Do you have the "ears" to hear the points they are making?

What do you wish to say in your next blogpost?

Don´t try to say everything in a single post but focus on your subject.Make it fun, have variation in it.To make it fun what is that? To be a ridicolous entertainer or to have confidence in your content knowing that if that is creating interest, if your content draws enough attention, then it´s fun.You don´t have to be a ridicolous clown to make it amusing even if you should use some cool graphics in between your stanzas as well.Be serious.Try to make it professional and avoid the void in your content.Don´t try to just "fill it up with whatever" but have something of value to deliver to your readers.
Who are your readers?

Have you any clue of what kind of readers you have? Are they returning customers or are they temporarily reading on your blog and then disappearing? It is hard to have the whole picture of this but you have some tools to track the traffic to your blog and where they are coming from and that is the statistics from your dashboard.You should also point out the need of relevant comments after a post so you can be open for suggestions on how to make it better as well.

Don´t ever stand still, be always open for new ways and ideas to evolve your writings! 


Vyankatesh said...

The title says it all - Content is the King!!

Mattias Kroon said...

I am always glad for my regular readers and you said it all, You are the King!