Saturday, February 4, 2012

Advises on stocks and funds

The record for the first month was awesome.I requested a withdrawal from AlertPay and that plus profits from my fundshares made 1470 dollars.

I am sure you have heard of a better growth and signals of growth in the U.S market and the worst scenario in Europe seems to be over as well.They are able to solve the financial problems now in a way Sweden was forced to do in the 90:s.Sweden was the first nation in Europe to be forced to overcome financial difficulties then due to bank and financial speculations on the 80:s.Today we have better control over the financies than the most other european countries.But not better than Norway.

This has made an excellent start and recovery of the Stockholm Market which had a terrible result last year.

This should make us think and be aware of how important it is that we have wise politicians that are taking care of our nations and who have the skills to do so.Obviously it isn´t impossible to solve difficulties in the financial sector and if they with a logical sense and with common sense sit down and fulfill necessary negotiations they are able to serve the people that way.Now, there still are difficulties to overcome but we surely have seen changes to the better in the beginning of this year compared to last year.

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When should you bring in your profits from your fundshares? Should you let them grow or should you wait longer? That is questions which only you can answer and it depends on your needs for the moment.
If you need to pay off a bill or if you need money to buy your favorite shoes you should bring in a profit rather soon.Do you need to share with your overflow to people in need? Do you need to reinvest to build further on your capital and spread your investments?

If you don´t need them for the moment you should let your fundshares grow and bring in the profits later but don´t wait too long cause then it is soon a question of losses instead.

As in the internet business everything is  a question of timing with your fundshares.You have to find the best funds who have the best potential for making profits in.Remember to read on the homepage of the fund company and check their investments and policies as well.

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