Monday, February 27, 2012

The coming areas of growth

Many experts have started to debate whether or not it is a danger with the robottrades on the stockmarket today.

The inspectors took a close look at this and the conclusion was that it isn´t such a danger.I believe this is primarily a correct conclusion.The investors and some fundcompanies are still worried though.


I believe we should be worried if we lose the proper knowledge about what a smart investment is.If we put too much trust in the robots, it will effect the market negatively.But if we combine this with investments in coming areas of growth early and the right focus on reading on the fund companies homepages to study what they really are investing in, then much is won with that.The best stockholders are at a very early stage pointing out small companies wich will grow strongly the coming years and by that their shares will grow strong on the long term....

This is not only a matter of robot technique but pure market analyzis and the best investors will always have to do that manually not to put too much trust in the robots.

Some of the warnings last year were overplayed but there is a measure of truth in the warnings for the robots and that is if investors should lose pure marketanalyzis in favor for the robottrades.It will never be that simple to trade but always a balance, a timing to trade right and we will always be dependant in a positive way of the human factor.Here, the human factor in a positive sense, of course.We can never afford to let the robots take over too much.This is a tough and hard balance but yet so important....

mining Pictures, Images and Photos The worries in Europe is far from over and it will take years of recovery for some of the nations and especially Greece.What is interesting here is if investors will consider Africa as the coming area of growth in this time or not.Will the fund companies be flexible enough to start to invest there or not? What we know is that they have big assets.However we have to have the ethical thinking here.Investments in mining should be a win-win situation regards the population down in the actual nations there.  


Bella Davis - MODELL BLOGG said...

Härligt, har du haft en bra start på veckan då? :)

Mattias Kroon said...

Hej Bella!

Jodå, den startade bra med bloggandet som vanligt och en del annat.Nu snöar det men läget är gott!