Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Secret Of Blogging

How much are you living in the present and how much are you digging in the past?

You will do yourself a favor by living in the now, in the present.Work for your results on the long term but be aware of the present as well.You have to make some other decisions on the short term too.How is the reality in the internet business? The most opportunities come and go after a short time when they should be designed for a longer time, of course.The best opportunities are, after all, the long term ones.It is your perspective and the potential in the opportunities that has to be long term even if you never can guarantee that a certain opportunity can be in business for years.The competition is pretty hard lol........

To be or not to be, that is the question as the quote from Hamlet.

Are you here? Do you live in the present and now? Are you aware of what YOU should change in YOUR life?

As humans we are often very aware of what others have to change in THEIR life but seldom aware of the need of changes in our own lives.

That is a very well known video of historical value but it can be applied also in your life!

The secret of attractive blogging is to lift up a given subject and give it substance here and now.If it can be applied by many you have won new readers and followers to your circle.If you in a polite way can meet their needs and contribute in THEIR lives in a way that is speaking to them, then you have taken one step further building on your reputation.

rss Pictures, Images and Photos The secret of blogging.....

To contribute into peoples lives in a way that make an impact on them and in a way that may create friendship for the rest of your life, who knows? Is it a secret?

Blogging is developing, you should blog in a way you can´t be without it!  


The leverage touch, the diplomatical approach, I am still using the biggest traffic exchanges!
Don´t worry, be happy!!   

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