Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Service Factor

Everything has its market and the niche of business opportunities is certainly not any exception.

There is always a risk with any business and you will have to calculate not to take too high risks.There will always be those admins who want to develop a certain opportunity in a situation where the funds seems to be going down.Don´t think that the internet business is any exception from business overall.There will be good times where everything seems to run smoothly and there will be harder times where a program needs to be renewed and in that moment it will show what kind of character the admin has.

Face it and be honest.Do have the right proportions in your judgement of a program.

I have seen the most in this business, I have seen good programs, I have seen bad opportuities with a poor design, we always are learning.I have seen that when many programs are closing down there will always be a period of thinking and wondering, "when comes the new opportunity now?".Then some other founder comes up with a brilliant idea on the internet business front and the most are wondering, where came that new genius idea from? The recommended opportunities I have on that list are all still paying, and Ricochet Riches´s renovation of their site is going very well and will probably be completed by February the 14:th if not the 13:th.

As I mentioned, every opportunity is related to its market and the overall flow of funds going round.There are ups and downs as with any market.

Windows Market Place Pictures, Images and Photos You have to calculate with this more realistically than before cause in that way you can judge on what program you should stick to and not.Not so easy always but with more knowledge in the area, your experience grows.There will always be some losses along the road but then will new possibilities come to bring in the new funds.

I can hear it in my ear, you are always writing it like it is, that is not for me, I always want something better.

I have heard it many many times before, many marketers online still want the "fast cash" but that may work for a short time, then chances are that it will crash for you if you don´t have your sight more on the long term. 

Keep up the service factor towards others!


Vyankatesh said...

Cool post. Nice guidelines.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Vyankatesh.

That is the purpose with the post.Important guidelines to be followed.

Prayag Verma said...

So rightly said, everything has its ups and down, but how we cope with the downs shows how up we will go

Mattias Kroon said...

Hi Prayag!

The answer to that may be my most recent post!