Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Think Bigger!

There is one way to increase what you are doing online, whatever you are doing cause I assume you want better results?

It isn´t only a matter of using the right technique to improve your results in your online business it is also a matter of a bigger thinking!

You have to vizualise your way to better results, you have to think bigger.Don´t think too small even if you can´t see the big money roll in yet.And your motive should always be generosity and not greediness.Search for the opportunities where you truly can see a future in them if you are building your business around affiliate marketing.

What potential do they have? Are there sufficient products and services? Are there a good payplan or enough possibilities of rewards?

Before you sign up for the next opportunity, think bigger and then make your decision after that.

Malfoys Ballroom Pictures, Images and Photos Now I don´t mean that you should take too high risks because of that but your way to your long term income goes through a bigger thinking where you don´t limit yourself as too many internet marketers have done before you.Could you improve anything immediately in what you are doing? Could you stop using the tools that are not working or generating the results you want? Be honest and build your business on truly working methods and spoil the poor methods.Don´t waste more time and money on bad systems or methods which lead you nowhere.

Therefore it is a good idea to take time and learn of more experienced marketers who also have tried  not working marketing strategies to discover the more efficient methods.

I am not only referring you to me but also to other marketers with years of experience online.However, I am sure you can find some good and useful tips on my blog for practising yourself.

Think bigger, see the picture and hear the words, YOU can do this!

If I can do this you can.The main problem is that most people limit their own thinking and are saying to them selves that they can´t change, that they can´t do this.If you have problems with your associaton when you hear a certain word as "success", for example that is caused by fear.Try to replace that fear with a good feeling when you hear the same word the next time and you should discover something new and refreshing in your life.

Think bigger!


Prayag Verma said...

So correct, many people don't even dream bigger and that leads to their downfall

Mattias Kroon said...

Yes Prayag!

We can also see that too many marketers are having the wrong association around certain words that are positive words from the beginning but because of the marketers bad experiences that word has been filled with a negative content.

Healing Morning said...

Great post, Mattias! This manner of thinking and believing, dreaming BIG can apply to all walks of life. It made me smile! :)

- Dawn

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Dawn.

Well, it can be challenging to write in a broad way knowing that it can be used for people overall.