Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not for the lazy marketers!

An advertising program I joined recently is 4dailypay.

This program has surprised me to the better.The reason for this is that they started off with the most basic element in the design where they have developed it more and more with more features as the time goes.However they made a note about that already from the beginning on their site.I have been paid twice from them so far.When you are making a withdrawal 70% go to your payment processor and 30% go to a certain repurchase balance which you can use when that balance has grown to over 10 dollars.You get 5000 advertising credits for each purchased ad unit.

You can advertise and earn 4% daily!

A beginner that has used free traffic exchanges may be interested of the link where you can add up to 735 free traffic exchanges where it may be harder to earn the kind of money you can earn in this program but where you can extend your advertising.

And vice versa, if you are used to use free traffic exchanges it isn´t a big step to start purchasing ad units in these kind of advertising programs.

Start with the low 10 dollars and build it up from there and promote the program.My advice is, even if you can earn without sponsoring in these kind of programs you should market them and promote them but without the pressure that is so common amongst the old fashioned MLM:s.A psychological benefit and with the additional referral commissions as well.This will make your business more unstressed and this is the foundation with the vision behind the home based business.To strive for financial freedom, friends helping friends, work when you can.

YOU will become your own Boss!

A sound vision.You can decide when to work.When you need more time for family and friends you can prior that and if you want to work the whole night and day thereafter you could do that!

Not for the lazy ones!

I am sure you have heard the opposite kind of expressions "this program is for the lazy marketer" amongst cheap programs but they don´t work well and the lazy internet marketer won´t achieve the real results either! Every job wherever you are making it requires sufficient time and efforts to reach your goals, that is the plain truth.It will take time but remember, having fun when you are doing it will make your senses strong!

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