Friday, March 2, 2012

Realistic Positive Thinking

Positive thinking, does it necessary has to be in form of New Age?

No, of course not.I believe in a more natural form of positive thinking I would call a realistic positive thinking.I use to share the spiritual parts of my life with my christian friends on Facebook.

Positive thinking is a good thing but it shouldn´t be overloaded.We have feelings that go up and down as humans and nothing in this world could change that, we aren´t any robots.What you should focus on is to eliminate selfdestructive thinking which only leads you astray and which makes you make the wrong decisions.Changes in your life are always connected to elimination of selfdestructive thoughts and fear in different areas.Let love change your thinking and eliminate thoughts of hate.

Are you worried for the future?

Many people are afraid of tomorrow....

Positive thinking Pictures, Images and Photos I would encorage you to focus on the present to always participate in what is happening today and do the things you have to do.We have to do our duty but believe in freedom as well.If you create order in your life you will create space for your free time and possibilities to spend more time with friends and family.

The vision with financial freedom is focused on this, to create more time with friends and family overall.

Are you satisfied with your job or are you hunting for a business opportunity in your life? The way to that is to start with a realistic goal with a part time income, to proceed for more in the long run.
It won´t happen overnight, you have to set your goal with the long term perspective.

Is this possible?

Many have asked that but yes, with a stubborn and positive attitude it is possible and I am on my way.Some years ago I nearly run into the wall with too much job but today I have a more reasonable schedule for my cleaning job and more time set aside for my online business.It won´t stop there, my goal is at least a 50/50 concept and probably more time thereafter for my online business.

Positive thinking?

Yes, of course but with a realistic touch with it....


Vyankatesh said...

Nice post. Excellent thoughts.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Vyankatesh!

I am glad you found it useful.