Saturday, March 31, 2012

Talking about finances...

Are you wise in your marketing online?

I know some marketers don´t want to hear this kind of information but I have seen a lot over the years.Believe me, you need to give your online marketing time and efforts to succeed.Many internet marketers have lost a great deal of money on opportunities where they invested or purchased with a lot of money.

Now, it is possible to invest in an opportunity which is very successful but the most aren´t, the most are unfortunately very short term.

If this is the truth, which it is, you need to find the most long term opportunities and therefore I have the topic I have on my blog.

To share my views on internet marketing and also give you the tip to combine it with investing in fundshares.

Financial Advisor Pictures, Images and Photos We still see a lot of "get rich quick-schemes" on the net and it´s like many founders always try to decieve newbies this way to earn the fast money and then disappear with the members money.

Many of them are lying, find the trustworthy admins and programs instead!
Have you ever heard of the pure profit any online marketer has earned in a specific opportunity? Cause even if they have earned 5000 dollars in that opportunity, what is the amount of money they invested or purchased with from the beginning?

Let´s say that the initial amount was 6000 dollars (which I never would advice any investor or internet marketer to start with), then he has to break even first and earn up to 6000 dollars where every earned penny over that is pure profit.Of course, the referral commissions are there but the biggest income should come from shares and not referral commissions.Referral commissions should be more like a bonus.

Therefore I started to invest in fundshares where the advised perspective always is aiming on the long term to get in profit.The big difference there is that you start to earn or lose depending on the market from the invested sum.Of course, you can lose money there as well as in any market and last year the stock market was shockingly shaky for many investors.However, this year has started much better despite a curve down the latest time.However, the most experts believe in a better year this year than 2011.


I will continue with my affiliate marketing but solely focus on the most long term opportunities while I have the biggest part of my shares in funds through my safe internetbank.Internet business still needs to be evolved a lot before we can see the average business opportunity be in business for years.Don´t fall for the "to good to be true-way" but seek the honest founders and admins who are dedicated to their businesses.

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