Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Trendsetters

Just Been Paid is definitely the most succesful opportunity I have ever been in.

To tell my story from the beginning what this excellent company stands for and is a part of would require more than a blogpost but I want to make a summary of what has happened thus far.I joined in Februar last year and started to earn immediately when I had joined.At once I felt that this will be a long runner and it has really prooved to be.

Now, it is really important that you read through the whole back office when you join a new program and when I had done that I discovered the well written course with many interesting angles of what kind of thinking a successful internet marketer needs to have.

I have experienced some success in different programs through the years but not the kind of success as in The Tripler.

When you are joining The Tripler you get a free 10 dollars position which is like a kind of loan which you will have to pay back later.Then you need to build up your positions and you earn 2% daily on every position.I have never seen a program with such a sustainability where they constantly are developing what they are doing.JSS Warp and The Booster were options earlier but after the restart after the moving to the new server, those options weren´t longer available.

The best part is the smooth system and algorithm were your positions are converted to a matrix after they have expired, were you will earn a rebate of 60 dollars every time it cycles.

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The future?

You won´t find a similar program like Just Been Paid but every time a program like this arises there are copy-cats everywhere were the most of them will fail after a short while.My opinion on this is that another founder could get some tips from a success like this to create their own model but I don´t believe a straight forward copy-cat will succeed in the long run.Just Been Paid will be even bigger and here is an excerpt from their latest newsletter:

(^_^) JBP - Immediate Hire: PHP/MySQL Expert!

Welcome to all our new members!

Please contact us immediately if you have
PHP/MySQL expertise, the more the better.
We have several projects for you to do now,
and many more during the years to come. Help
us make JBP the next Google! The complete
job description is on our Job Board:

JSS-Tripler now has 373,156 members --
having grown by over 13,000 new members
in the past 48 hours. Thank you to our
many promoters for doing such a great

The  is a new advertising program I have joined which has the aim to be a long term program and they want to make a difference to many short term MLM:s, autosurfs, HYIP:s and small traffic exchanges we have seen throughout the years.You know there are always exceptions on these kind of models which are more successful but too many have failed and there are always a need of making these kind of opportunities more long lasting.My learning curve tells me that I have found more long term programs the more experience I have gained and I want to avoid every short term concept.The real profit is in the long term designs.In comparison I want to mention the funds I am investing in from my internetbank which often have been in business 10-15 years already.The market goes up and down so you have to have the timing to sell when it is on the top of the curve before it goes down again.

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