Friday, March 23, 2012

The Window

The sun is going down and I have a wonderful view through the window.

Well, let´s try my poetic vein here.

The window to life, the window to new opportunities.But also the window to learn of the history to make the future what it should be for a wise man taking one step at the time and not rushing too fast...

The window to your heart.....

Sturbridge Mustard Pictures, Images and Photos Could you discover the metaphors yourself? Aren´t metaphors pretty important to discover? Do you develop more than a single area of life? Of course you should.We need to broaden our lives with more inspiring knowledge in several areas.As a business man you seldom can start to discuss business at once, you need to proove your knowledge also in other areas to build some confidence and to build further on your reputation.

It´s all about valued friendship and long lasting relationships.

See the birds outside the window.How do they look like? Are they flying with joy or are they sad for the moment? Look to the heart in your friends lives.You know some more than others but one thing is always important.A good friend gives the honest signals to you. 

We need to be real people on the internet to make it a real world.I am totally convinced that friends become real friends if the attitude is to strive for reality.

Face the window to real possibilities and get the pulse for your life!


Anna L. Walls said...

The metaphor of a window can be used in so many ways, but to neglect them is to shut yourself away for life, also in so many ways.

Mattias Kroon said...

I agree Anna.

An useful metaphor that especially authors and poets have used many times.You are a good friend.

Widow_Lady302 said...

Lovely Post Mattias! <3 I believe that my friends here on the internet are no less my friends than the people who live near me. My neighbors are...the world! Beautiful post my Christian Brother! <3

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Widow Lady!

Your lovely attitude reflects in the comment.