Saturday, April 28, 2012

Interview with Gord

 Today I will continue with my series of interviews and today the time has come for Gord to share his thoughts on internet marketing and blogging.

When did you start your current blog?

First , I would like to thank you Mattias for inviting  me
to this  interview on your Blog.

I started about 10 years ago and settled on my current Blog
in 2008.

You are running a business blog.What kind of basic advises
would you give a newbie who is interested in making money online?

This online money making business is constantly changing
and today we have the “passive” or “no recruiting required”
opportunities where new people to this market can get started
and seek a profit very easily compared to when I started

If one wishes to promote and build downlines in programs
to receive the referral commission bonuses Admins provide,
advertising is then a must. No better way to begin in
that area than starting a Blog.

You are mainly marketing advertising programs online and have
also founded one.Are they the most efficient programs to
get in profit with? 

In my opinion yes. The reason is two fold. I fund and work
towards a profit in these programs and they  provide an
opportunity to advertise my current programs in my business
and never settling on just “one” program to provide an income
for me. Multiple income streams is the way to go. If one
fails, the others will pick up the slack as I seek and review
new programs that launch.

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Outside business now, can you tell us about any other interest
in the life? 

Providing time for my Family is the main thing and we do
regular outings plus spend time together with mutual interests.
Movies are top on my list and I find them an escape from
the real world. Sports, specially Hockey, I enjoy.

On the back burner... I would like to begin writing a book
or novel and have a lot of ideas/concepts running around
in my head and want to put them to paper someday in the
near future.

Do you have any spectacular travel experience to tell us about?

Lately no but I’ve been to Germany a few times and plan
to go there with the family soon. My parents were born there
and would like to show my son their hometown and travel
around the country.

Business again.What kind of traps do the internet marketers
have to avoid? 

This business is a constant learning experience and there will
be pitfalls and learning from past mistakes, plus the circumstances
that closed an income stream early, is all part of that process.

High interest rate programs that pay over 2.5% per day are sites
to avoid today. Matrix programs, despite promoting “overspill”,
can become a disappointment if an individual is not onboard
on  Day 1 unless a member has the “list” to fill the levels and
willing to advertise constantly to bring new referrals in.

There are the basic golden rules as well. Don’t spend money
you can’t afford to loose. Accept the risk and don’t blame
others if a profit is not attained. Move on. If people decide
to join you in an opportunity. Be courteous and polite while
assisting them if they request it.

Finally... do some research on a program before funding and
see if there is any information available about the Admin with
regards to his, or her, past history. Consult established Blogs and
Forums is a good start in that area.

Finally, you are like me a member and affiliate of the famous
Just Been Paid. 

What is the secret behind this program´s success?

JustBeenPaid´s success is based on the steady “on time” payments
to members since Launch. There is always an occassional delay
with tech issues but for over a year when the Tripler began..,
It’s been steady payments including today.

Constant newsletters and updates to members is another factor.

Experienced Admins who have a long history in this business and
built their program from the ground up. Many have tried to copy
that success but failed while others continue in the hope to gain
the success JBP has enjoyed to date.

Then there is, what I call, the “attraction factor”. Some programs
have it right from Launch Day while others never attain it and
fail early.

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