Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Interview

Today I am doing my first interview on my blog with the talented Deanna Bauer.She is running a magazine mostly for women but she is also doing interviews with men who are blogging.Go to her Lovely Pink Diva and read about it!

It wasn´t ever my intention from the beginning with this blog to do interviews but as you know, if you want to increase your blog efforts you always have to be open for new ways as well, in the right time.....

When did you start your current blog and where did you get the idea about the magazine from?
The Lovely Pink Diva started in February of 2012. I had been away from blogging mostly due to health reasons, but had people begging me to start a new blog, they kept telling me what they loved about my other blog was the heart and stories behind it. So finally I gave and started one. It didn’t have a feel to me, no voice. I didn’t like the direction it was going, because I had no concept yet.

There was a joke with my friends a long time ago that if I ever became famous our dream would have each of them in charge of something, one of them was a magazine. In my email was an ad about starting your own magazine. It was for a real print magazine, not what I have. Then light a bulb went off in my head. What if I could do a blog like a digital magazine? It could be inspirational. I had been through so much and I knew others needed to know it could be done. I finally found the voice and direction I wanted to go. I researched it, and found a few places that had the software, and The lovely Pink Diva was born. So sometimes it does pay to look in your junk email files, because you never know when you get inspired.

Could you mention the blogger who has inspired you the most?
Too many to pick from, each blogger is unique in their areas and niches of blogging. I get inspired by all. So, maybe the best person to choose that inspired me to start a blog was actually Julie Powell, the blogger of Julie and Julia, which was made into the film. After watching it like 100 times, that was when I thought I can do that.

Do you think that women in the blogging world are as visible as men are?
It depends on the niche, in food blogging, women over dominate the men in blogging. However if it a BBQ food, then the men are more visible, when comes to food blogging. In other areas, men do seem to have more advantage. I think it is because they write the how to guides, tricks to blogging, and financial blogs, which is what most people will search for, which makes them more visible.

 There are avenues for women to join to help get exposure, like BlogHer. On the flip side, because it is popular the waiting list to get in can take years to be accepted. I love to get in it, because once you’re in your exposure will go up 110%.

 Diva Café is another place that is for women bloggers to join to help make them visible. Then you have the Work at Home mom angle you can do like Café mom. So there are avenues women can join, to be more visible, you just need to search them out.

What kind of advises would you give a newbie in the blogosphere? Have a little patience. Successful blogs do not happen overnight. You have to build it up. Take the time and market it properly. Don’t just comments on other blogs “follow me”. That is one of the quickest ways not to get people to follow you. It shows your desperation, and will make people think your blog does not have quality. Actually take the time read other blogs, and make useful comments on the posts, then add your URL or utilize the comment luv option if the blog has it. You get more respect and an audience doing that, then just commenting “Nice Blog Follow Me”

My other advice is find the voice, write quality content. If your blog is all click this link, it not going to go anywhere. Tell me why I should click the link, take the time to explain it.  I work in medicine by day, and a doctor told me once “I would rather over diagnose someone, than under diagnose someone, that is why I order so many tests.” That advice also applies to blogging. You can never have too many words. I would rather read a post that is long with many sentences, than a post that is only 2 sentences.

What other things are you passionate about in the life? Cooking, I love to cook, but haven’t been doing that lately. I recently have had a full circle in life and had an “Ah-Huh” moment, which has made me look at life in a new positive direction. Most people, who read The Lovely Pink Diva, know I was in an emotional and mentally abusive marriage. It took a real toll on me, where I lost myself from his abuse. I did find myself again after the divorce, but I never accepted he used me for a green card; he was trying to hide me that I never existed. It wasn’t until I had this “Ah-huh” moment I realized this, accepted it, and really got myself back. That the inspiration and passion behind The Lovely Pink Diva, no matter what happens, you have an inner diva and she can emerge. I want to have Diva get a large audience, I know this magazine can inspire so many, that yes you can, no matter what happens in your life.

 For the first time I am doing things for the first time for myself, no one else. So another passion for me right now is to lose weight for me. My goal is to look sexy by June. My work has a program I am in so I can get a rebate on my health insurance and I need to lose 25lbs by September. Since I had this “Ah-Huh” moment, the confidence in me is great. I love the feeling.It is not losing weight, not doing something new and inventive in blogging, but it is more I am doing something just for me.

Would you like to mention three big persons in the history who have made the most impact on you as a person?

Wow, hmmm Marilyn Monroe. I have always admired her, she is an icon to me. In fact I even wrote a piece in Diva called “My Inner Marilyn”

Princess Diana, She was grace, poise, and a sweetheart. I see some of me in her in a way, meaning what she went through marriage wise, I did too, even though years apart. She was a great lady.
The third would be Oprah Winfrey; she shows that no matter what your life circumstances are, you can achieve your dreams. She shows inspiration and gives hope. If you’re willing to work for it can be done.

Finally, if you would dare to predict some of the internet development in the future, what would that be? Wow, well I think internet will be more interactive, meaning more 3-D. everything will be on the internet. We have already seen glimpses of this, like Facebook and the timeline, even Google + have announced they are going to do something similar. I know by a certain year all records have to be electronic; there will be no paper records.  Internet TV is new and as it developing, soon won’t have cable companies, (Which I am happy about, the bills are so high) let’s face it everything we know will be all internet and electronically related.

End of interview.I was recently interviewed in her magazine so remember, what you do towards others will be paid back sooner or later towards you if you have the patience in your marketing efforts.


Gord said...

Hi Mattias,

Congratulations on your first interview. Excellent job and
advise for those people interested in Blogging and innovative with her digital magazine approach.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Gord.

Yes, suddenly there is something new to take on and here was the first interview with Deanna´s interesting answers as well.

Deanna Bauer said...

I am very honored to be your first interview Mattias, thank you so much! This came out great and I enjoyed working with you and I hope we can work together again!


Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Deanna!

I would be delighted to work together again in a similar way.

zareen said...

Excellent blog i love to visit and read..thanks for sharing

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks zareen!

I am glad that you like it! Welcome again!