Friday, April 27, 2012

The time-factor

Are you normal? I suppose you are....

A slightly different post today on the difference between us humans.We are all created in a different manner.We have various opinions, we like different food, we have different colors on our skin, we have different personalities.

Isn´t this wonderful?

This is the uniqueness with mankind and we want it that way, won´t we? Yet, there are streams in this society which want us to look in one certain way, have exactly the same opinions and so on....
One could go on and on with a list like this but I won´t for now.This is enough to mention and my point is, as long as we have freedom to speech and as long we can accept that we will always like different food, for example, then the possibilities increases to understand each other also in other ways.This is called the human understanding-factor.

You may now think, I have heard it all before....

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Good, then this is a reminder, a brain-reminder.Rise the understanding-factor in time and space.Could we learn something from this? I certainly hope so cause otherwise there are a lot of more troubles around the next corner in a time like this.

And your time-factor?

Do you have time to understand the unique behaviour of your neighbour cause he is probably more friendly than you may think?

And your time-factor? I know you are busy but you should always have time for the most important things in life.Don´t waste any time, have the right priority!

Could it be time, could it be friendship?

The force is love, have a nice weekend! 

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