Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ultimate Product

How much do you include in your blogging?

Is it solely for fun, is it educating or is it a political blog? I, for myself is primarily blogging about internet marketing.But it isn´t only that.

This is not all!

It is an information product too.I am marketing different opportunities and the pay back I recieve for the promotion of the opportunities I am recommending on my blog is the different income streams in those programs.The linking technique is very important online and you should link to blogs you are interested in.

product-information-09.jpg Pictures, Images and Photos Relevant linking is important for you.

If you are a man it isn´t likely that you would become interested in a typical blog made solely for women even if I wish you will meet the love of your life around the next corner lol....However, if you have children you could become very interested in a family network which aims to protect the children online.The need for this is huge today, to protect children from predators.Constructive networks online which aims to build solid networks for good people are very important today.

There are social networks designed for internet marketers and there are social networks designed mostly for the average user.I believe we will see Google+ very obvious and successful in the coming time.What about the future for Facebook and Twitter then? Of course, they will still be around but it is very likely that a network like Google+ will grow significantly.

Have you discovered the power of article marketing?

As I mentioned, you should consider your blog like a type of information product, so if you have no other product to promote on say, an advertising program where you actually are earning money, submit your blog there and there you go, you have a real product there.As a plus, you can update your content whenever you want and you can share your news there.It is easy to see the benefits with an attractive information product as the whole internet technique is built on the need of information.


Anna L. Walls said...

I'm not sure if Google+ is as secure as Facebook. Then again, it's relatively new. So far, 3 or 4 people over there have found me and then posted very x-rated picks. I quickly reported and blocked them. On FB, I've seen the occasional fisching efforts but nothing like that (not yet anyway)

Mattias Kroon said...

That has never happened to me though.Some will always try with filthy posts but then you always have the option to report them.