Saturday, May 19, 2012

Did you hear me?

If you are a serious internet marketer online, chances are that you will meet ugly obstacles on your way.

Far from all internet marketers are ethical in their ways and I have seen things are getting worse all the time.It should be a "wake up call" for those who walk on evil ways.If you have an ethical style yourself risks are high that you will meet scamartists along the way who are jealous in their attitudes.

Why do you think that most of the business opportunities fail after only a couple of months?

I have a very easy answer on this and it is not only a question of technique or lack of skills but also a lack of ethical thinking.

I am not one who fail in my marketing but believe me, I have met a lot of ugly, evil people online who don´t want you to succeed but who want to come up with all sorts of obstacles against you.Every time I have won that battle though.
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They are especially evil towards christian people and righteous people overall but they will have to reap their harvest of it.In times of financial recovery we have to see an awakening so the financial world can be more ethical in its thinking.

Not entertaining enough?

That reaction should show that you need to consider these kind of questions yourself and have better content on your blog as well.Everything isn´t entertaining online, it has to be as educating as well.

Do you hear me?

I hope so, for the survival of human kind in a time like this.

Do your research on EVERY opportunity out there and don´t ever even register if you have a bad feeling about it, register only if it meets the necessary criteria which you can read about if you are scrolling down to my other blogposts.


blogneta said...

"Ethical in thinking" - There are many people who are becoming increasingly aware that "ethics" especially in marketing is something that people are becoming more aware of especially within the social media arena.

No longer are the days when people could "sell" their wares and expect people to be so gullible as to believe the B.S being spouted and yet it still happens far too often and far too often people are getting hurt.

If you are going to become involved in marketing in any capacity, before you learn how to utilize any kind of tool, it is important that people understand what ethics means in the world of marketing and to me that means being "responsible" being "transparant" and being able to add value to a persons life.

One of the best definitions I have ever read when it comes to Ethics in marketing comes form the American Marketing Association and if you don't mind I am putting in the link:

The interesting point to this description by the way is when you are researching ANY opportunity, you can still use this one page to reference to see if this is a business you want to be involved with as it will follow many or all of these different points within the business itself.

Good article Mattias!

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks blogneta, you are thinking like me here and thanks for the link there.Guidelines for ethics is of course, very important.