Sunday, May 13, 2012

Interview with Bob

 It is time for the next interview and the time has come for Bob Scotney.His blog is called Bob´s Home For Writing.He is also a member of Get Your Blog Followers.

1.When did you start blogging?

I’m a member of Writelink, an online writing community. I joined Writelink after I retired and
decided that I take up writing in 2006 ; the site gives the opportunity for your writing to be read
and commented upon by members of the site. Writelink also gives writer members a free blog
option as well. I guess my first blog post must have been in 2007.
Because I wanted a wider audience for my work I also opened Bob’s Home for Writing at in 2009

2.You are interested in using metaphors within your posts.How did you get that idea?

It’s not a question of getting an idea. The use of metaphors where appropriate seemed to come
naturally to me.
3.How started your passion for stamps?

I’ve had stamp albums since the 1950s but I wouldn’t describe myself as an avid collector.
In fact with working abroad so much those stamps I had were neglected and only added to
spasmodically. Then last year, I think, I discovered Sunday Stamps on blogspot, where a
weekly theme is set and contributors post stamps from their collections. Consequently I’ve
learned more about my stamps than I knew before and a lot from other people’s.

4.Can you tell us about any adventure in travelling around the world?

There have been a few. However I suppose being woken up in the middle of the night by armed
police in a Dunkirk hotel must top the list. It was the time of the French/Algerian troubles, De
Gaulle was to visit the Dunkirk steelworks (where I was on an exchange scheme) the next day.
The police were checking out all foreigners in hotels as a precaution at the time.
When De Gaulle visited the steelworks the next day, all the workers left by the back gates he
entered the works!

5.You have great knowledge about castles.Where lies your favorite castle?

I chose haunted castles for my theme in the A-Z Challenge in April because I had been posting
a series on haunted places on blogspot in the last two years. My research had found a series of
excellent books on castles, That’s what got me started.
The nearest castle to my home is at Richmond in North Yorkshire, so I guess I have to say that
is my favourite. I haven’t written about it yet. Perhaps I should.

6.How are you extending your circles of readers?

I link all my posts to Facebook and to Twitter. Joining Facebook groups has increased the
number of readers. I’m not to sure that belonging to sites like blogcatalogue has been as
effective as exposure on blogspot. Taking part in weekly themes - Sepia Saturday, Thematic
Photography and Sunday Stamps have helped considerably; the A-Z Challenges in April each
year has also incresed page views and followers.

7.What is your favorite  photoshot?

It’s rare I go out with a predetermined aim but I suppose
I’m always on the lookout for wildlife shots like these - Rana Clamitans and  When Rocky Met Bambi The Rocky shot was taken in extremely low light conditions where I dare not use flash -
any way I was nearly 40 yards away and didn’t want to miss an unique animal shot.

8.Finally, do you think blogging is a tool for education?

It depends how blogging is used. I certainly learn a lot from the research I have to do. As
a former trainer I believe it could be used for educational purposes. It’s a question of how
serious you want to be, There’s an awful lot of ‘rubbish’ posted unfortunately and people do not
necessarily use reliable sources for their information.

Thank you Bob!

This has been a travel into your world and an interesting interview.


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Thanks for letting me know Bob, I have fixed it now.