Thursday, May 3, 2012

Talking about longevity

Do you really want to find the most profitable opportunities?

For me, online business has been a journey.From the first MLM-programs where I hadn´t a clue how to earn money to today´s opportunities where an online marketer doesn´t have to sponsor at all to earn money.But if you want to find the most profitable opportunities you need to have sufficient experience.

And what is the reason for that?

I have mentioned this before, the value for a certain opportunity is the product they have on their site.It tends over time to be the money in itself which becomes the most interesting part but you have to have a passion for the product or service the program has.

The main truth is, the better service or obvious product, the better use for that, the better potential to become long term.

Of course, with better member growth in a company you can get better results as well but with the obvious use for a certain product or service in a program you should reach longevity for the opportunity.
Everyone wants a good compensation plan, of course, to get in profit.You should also ask yourself:

1.Will I have use for the product or service they have in the program?
2.Are there some kind of education material on the site?
3.Is the admin dedicated to run the program for a long time?

The good outcome in the answers here are of course not guaranteed.You should honestly ask yourself these kind of questions every time you are signing up cause if you really want to find a long term program they have to meet some crucial criteria except being legal overall, of course.

The picture of an internet business where so many opportunities fail after only a short time becomes realistic when you consider what a new opportunity has to have from the beginning to succeed and therefore 95% of all opportunities fail after only some months or half a year.

Take it to the next level!

Be a part of evolving the internet business! If an admin is open for good suggestions to evolve their programs, send your suggestions to them.In the end all longevity requires honest founders and admins who don´t run with the money after a couple of months but continue to evolve and build on their programs, upgrade their servers, get sufficient DDOS-protection, include an encrypted webadress to make the life hard for hackers.

Be a part of taking the internet business to the next level!

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