Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wings Of Poetry

From time to time I am sharing my views on poetry and here is a contribution:

Take Your Time

You have time to read the man´s eyes
you have time to follow the experience
If you have time to be silent
you have time to talk

We have time to fulfill our promises
we have the guts to express our opinions
He had a feeling of getting near her
in her arms he fell at last

To the times we are commited
the signs of times are here to show
The feel of a lonely wolf
was converted into civilians touch

It is time to walk, it is time to talk
learning what had to be achieved
Learning what is to come
since you came back, I have to wish

A wish of hugs, a bird´s swing around
he had time to whisper the tender
Touch of an gentleman and
talk for the moment

Not angry now, just kind for a mind
not too sweet but kisses for the world
Since you understand me now
I have to take time for you again
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