Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interview with Chip

Here is the interview with Chip.His blog is mostly about photography and reviews but he is also a talented author.

1.Could you tell us a little about who you are and when did you start blogging?

Yes! I'd be happy to do so.I'm a husband, father, grandfather, pharmacist, photographer,
high school football official and in the last three years, I have begun to write.I began my blog,, in March of 2009 as a way to promote my online photography
sales at
In October 2009, I began reviewing music, movies, and books for, then and now I'm National History Examiner for also do freelance writing and last year began my first novel.
I grew up in Louisiana and spent most of my adult life in Baton Rouge
until hurricane Katrina sent me in search of a safer harbor. North Carolina is now home to me, my wife, three dogs and three cats.

2.What should a quality blog contain in your point of view?

Quality content.A quality blog should have meaningful information presented
in an interesting format.It should display language skills appropriate for the reader.Bloggers should target their market and write for their readers.It should have excellent grammar and structure along with perfect spelling and word usage.Don’t let unnecessary mistakes distract the reader -- or worse,
cause them to stop reading and move on.And as far as the message is concerned,
remember, readers don't care what you know -- they want to know that you care about them and your topic.

3.I know you have knowledge about american football, when did you get passionate about that?

I grew up with American football and have loved it as long as I can remember.
In high school, I was too small to play and became manager/trainer.Sixteen years ago, I became an official and now I can stay in touch with the game and also be a part of it as well.

4.You are working on a novel.Could you share a little about that?

Yes, I can.Several friends encouraged me to write so I did.It isn't the same as blogging!
After a year producing my draft, we're now into edits and rewrites.Hopefully, it will come
out late this summer.The title is The Tourist Killer, and the pitch line for it is: A professional assassin battles conscience, hired killers, and burn-out while juggling
relationships and attempting normalcy in a thriller with political overtones.

5.What kind of readers do you target?

Buyers of photography and people who enjoy reading represent a diverse cross section
of the population.They're hard to identify, so I blog about a variety of subjects.It's difficult
to avoid politics, but I try.Readers and purchasers of art shouldn't be influenced by the
politics of the artist.

6.Have you any special travel experience you could us about?

Disney World in Orlando, FL has long been a favorite destination although I haven’t been
there now for several years.For the last ten years, travel for me has involved visits to
family in  New Jersey and Louisiana.Both areas offer beauty, charm, and excitement.It’s hard to beat home, which is now the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

7.Which president has made the greatest impact on you in the American history?

The President that has had the most impact on my life is the one in office now.Nothing
about his presidency has been favorable for me.The President I admire most was
Abraham Lincoln.My favorite President in my lifetime was Ronald Reagan.

8.Finally, what do you think the future for blogging will look like? Will it include blogging in a broader perspective and be of more educational use?

Blogging was in some ways, a precursor to independent publishing.In the early days of
blogging, anyone with a computer and access to the internet could start a blog and
express themselves.The same is now true for publishing.Anyone with a computer and
access to the internet can write and publish a book.
Perhaps the boundaries between blogging and book writing will begin to blur.
The watchword will always be quality.Poor quality content will disappear quickly,
regardless of the topic.


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Thank you for including me as one of your interviewees. I really appreciate the opportunity and look forward to "meeting" many of your readers online.

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You are welcome Chip.

It was a priviliege to make this interview with you.

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