Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interview with Joe

 Here we are! Time for an interview again and the time has come to CoachingWithJoe.Com

1.When did you start your blog and what idea was behind?

I actually started three other blogs before I decided to focus fully. I had: in 2003 (defunct in 2011) to share my journey as an entrepreneur. But this blog is all over
the place, blogging on many areas of my life. When I started, I decided to let dies on its own as I wanted to focus the time and energy to promote the new blog.

2. in 2006 (defunct in 2006) to shares about one of my hobby, watching movies. I thought I can make some income from this hobby by writing reviews. However, I love watching movies, but don’t really enjoy writing reviews. I stopped blogging after 2 months. in 2009 (defunct in 2011) to share inspirational articles to readers. This works out to be a synergy with what I have been doing. Unfortunately I didn’t invest much time to promote it. I saw the limitation of it because I wasn’t giving enough value as the articles I wrote weren’t something that readers didn’t know. The stuff I wrote can be found anywhere. That leads to the borne of in 2011. This is by far the most satisfying blog. I love writing in this blog. After taking up coaching course and gaining so much more experiences over the years, I’m able to go deeper in my articles. I’m able to pick up daily experiences to share and add value to my readers better than many years back. Writing on this blog gets me to really think in-depth about issues that readers will face, and asking how can I support them in a way that is more than the surface.

This blog is now more than just motivational or inspirational. It’s more than just surface. I like to get to the roots of issues faced by readers.

2.You are a coach.Is it hard to be a leader and coach like that.

I’m a coach, trainer and leader. And I am also a human. I makes mistakes, lots of them, probably many times more than a risk adverse.

While I do my very best be an example, I do make a joke out of myself at times. The thing is I admit my mistakes and I laugh at them. I think being a good leader is about how fast I can correct and move on.

People are upset when a leader doesn’t admit his/her mistakes. People are usually very forgiving if a leader come clean and admit he/her doesn’t get it right. It also takes a courageous leader to admit he/her make a wrong decision.

I don’t feel it’s hard to live my life that way.

3.Is it a simple road or have you had failures along the road making money online?

I wouldn’t say that it’s easy or hard to make money online or offline. It takes a decent amount of effort to make any money making system works. Of course, skills and network (database) plays a huge part.

Some online entrepreneurs are able to make a five figure income by just working 4 hours a week is true. However most didn’t see is the amount of effort and time before he/she made the five figure income.
Like I said, I made many mistakes, tested some new ideas, lost some money along the way. But I don’t see them as failures. I see them as learning experiences and growth opportunities. Say if I don’t make those mistakes, I wouldn’t know what work or did not. I wouldn’t have gather these vast amount of experiences to share on stage or to empathize with my coaching clients.

On top of that, these experiences allows me to discover more about myself. I understand more of my strengths, weaknesses, leadership style, communication style.

4.What does your family mean to you?

Family is the most important area of my life. Interestingly, I didn’t think that way 10 years ago. As I grow in age, I started to see family as an important part of my life.

Actually I have fear of losing my parents. As they are of certain age, and I can’t avoid the inevitable.

I have the most loving parents in the world. I told my mom that if there is reincarnation, I will like to be their son again. This is how much they have loved me, and sacrificed so much for me during my childhood days.

Of course, I have the most supportive wife in the world. During those dark days of building a business, Jean stayed with me. She could have left for another man, a more stable guy but she didn’t.

Now I will invest more time with my parents and wife, by having more dinners with them.

5.You recieved an award in Singapore.Tell us a little about it.

The award I got is Spirit of Enterprise in year 2005. It was presented by the Ex-President of Singapore, President Nathan. It is not based on the revenue of the company, but the contribution to the society.
6.Sometimes we get a picture in the internet business that newbies don´t get their sufficient training.Tell us about your main strategies on this.

Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone is a newbie at one stage. There are enough resources online to get anyone up in speed. Problem is not everyone is taking the effort to learn and apply.

An example here, I delegated an associate to explore one social media sites to generate leads for our business. 3 months later, nothing. So I took over the exploration job. I found so much resources teaching me ways to leverage on this site. There are so much things to do in regards to generating leads on this social media site after exploring.

7.Which city has made the strongest impression on you traveling around the globe?

Honestly, I’m not an avid traveller. My dream is to travel to all the beaches in the world but I haven’t been able to do that very successfully. I probably only cover 4 beaches in Asia, there are so much more beaches to cover.

8.Finally, what is your best advice to a blogger who has recently started his/her blog?

Have lots of fun blogging. Enjoy the journey. We need to have fun in life. Continue to learn and improve as it is a never ending journey. Blog with the intention to serve, the more readers you serve, the more successful you are. Money is the result of the number of people you are bale to serve.

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