Monday, June 25, 2012

Weather, I like it!

I have vacation now and it is raining, isn´t it fantastic? Ooooopppssss, stay positive there......

I don´t want to be sarcastic here but I had to make it fun.Well, a vacation is a vacation and I will probably paddle canoe and visit friends.What could be better?

The stockmarket isn´t so fun to analyze yet and the recovery takes long time as it seems.Everyone want a better financial situation in Europe, of course, but there isn´t any "quick fix".

I am doing well in my affiliate marketing and Gord told us about the good smell of a coming opportunity which is about to launch soon...

Sometimes you don´t need that next opportunity to register for but other times you want to grab the benefit of signing up early when a new, long term and promising program is about to launch.You could get a pleasant gutfeeling for a quality program but a nasty, bad feeling in your stomach for a scam instead, of course.There are no worries, small worries, there are bad worries and there are more deeply worries for scenarios you want to avoid.However, don´t exaggerate things to make it worse than it is.I have made my profits on my fundshares earlier this year and the stock market will rise again sooner or later.One other crucial aspect is also where the actual fund company is investing and which kind of industry or metal you are, by their hands or others responsibility, investing in.Always diversify your portfolio.

I am taking my time to solve a chess problem or two when I have time to spare.It is good for your brain muscles, you know!

I have mentioned it before and I will, with a slight variation, mention it here again.The best product you could market online is some kind of information product about setting your mind right.I would also think that some kind of other investment in art or why not, in a metal like silver or gold would do you good in your profession as an investor and affiliate marketer.Think about it! I am sure you have experience, if you haven´t you need your education, and then you should stick to a working strategy.Though, it isn´t dangerous to add a few products in your marketing efforts.

About weather and forecast, a funny video here:

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