Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New Category?

Is there a need of a new category when it comes to investments online?

We have seen too many short term HYIP:s in that category and too many investors have lost too much money, though my system is built in a way that the losses are limited and where I also have a timing to bring in the profits in right time.

You may ask, what kind of investments are you talking about?

When I am investing in stockfunds and interestfunds in a time like this I do that mostly from my internetbank, safe and smoothly.Concerning investment opportunities we have called them HYIP:s for the most but the ground is very burnt by such high risk investments that we want to see more long term and safe investments online.They need some kind of proof or license to bring back the confidence amongst investors online who want to make their investments profitable and where they are sure that their invested money are proven to be invested in art, forex trading, stocks preferably combined with interest funds in a more shaky time like this still is globally.

But this isn´t all!

Of course we need to see more honest admins running the long term investments too.They don´t only need to write about their visions of long term investments but also proove their credibility towards others.It could be investments in real estate, silver, gold or even mines.I am also glad I am not listening to all the articles I am reading where they have the attitude that they know nearly everything in their niches but I prefer other experienced investors who write their articles in a more humble way to build credibility that way.

J.J INVESTMENT Pictures, Images and Photos Every investor don´t need to be a millionaire for me to make their impression on me, I know they will succeed even more with the right attitude while other not-so-humble and even greedy investors could be more near the abyss than they ever know themselves.

Be aware of the signals! Only reinvest in a company where you know that they are delievering and where they are communicating with their members on a regular basis.So, will we see a new category of investments? Should we call it RROI(Reasonable Return On Investments)? It is better to live up to the claimed statements than once again be one of the very many short term programs to crash again....

My vision on long term income doesn´t say you can´t make a profit on the short term ever or that you don´t need to make some decisions on the short term but your vision and work has to have the long term perspective with a short term boost so to say.In times like this, for example, you need to wait in your shares which are on minus and hopefully see your shares grow in interest funds instead.But don´t worry, sooner or later it rises again and then you can make your profits again! Patience and patience again, you need it.

I would claim, with the long term perspective and patience you will be able to sleep good every night without a bad stomach and you will see your shares rise later again.

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