Friday, July 20, 2012

Computer Games

What is happening in the internet business world, in the niche of MLM, HYIP:s and any business opportunity offering a certain return on investment?

As I mentioned in an update on the former blogpost Payza has a new direction of rules if you are an affiliate of any type of those kind of opportunities.

What will this mean?

This means that they probably are looking for a more productbased continuation in the opportunities they will want to have as customers.And as I mentioned you have to register for EgoPay to be able to transfer funds to Payza if you are using any of the opportunity that aren´t allowed of them anymore.

Could this be a good solution?

When a change is about to happen we marketers often ask if it is necessary but new laws and regulations require this.Consider this question, for example.Do you consider an advertising service as enough to have as the business idea? Yes, the most do that but when it comes to earning some kind of revenue or return on investment in any advertising program or other opportunity it will become more sensitive.The thinking is different here amongst different processors and we have to see it like it is.

Will we see other solutions on this in the future?

I would certainly believe that as we have seen implement the option to add a bank account directly on the site.We can´t categorical think that people in the offline world don´t know anything about this niche of the internet business, they sometimes know more than you think even if it takes some experience to begin to earn decent money.I remember another kind of solution that 10DollarsWonder came up with when they were hot.They tried to start their own paymentprocessor called e2epay but didn´t make it with that idea.I wouldn´t be surprised if the biggest opportunities will implement that in the future to come with success.As always, one company has to do it with success to be followed by others.....

The existing payment processors will always have their place but in the future we surely will face other solutions to solve different issues and view other smooth payment ways.

Computer Games! Pictures, Images and Photos If you have experience as an internet marketer you probably are a developer as well and you should contribute with constructive ideas communicating with admins and make constructive suggestions to them.Though, be sure to make it in a good manner with a positive attitude.Our vision must be that we want the best future for the internet business overall including all niches.

What kind of opportunities should be the hottest in the coming days?

Now we have seen a lot, lot of advertising programs and companies online and there will always be the need of these services but I would think that being an affiliate for the computer games industry, applications and education material should be hot topics to come.Time will tell!

Don´t consider this as 100% predictions but listen to the word of it!

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