Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Too Speeded Up?

I have been at a vacation in Gdynia, Poland.

Me and a friend travelled by a ferry over the water and believe me, I wasn´t afraid.I took some pictures but first some very important things.There are two kind of vacation people, the first category have to be super active all the time and the other kind of vacation people just enjoy the holiday.

In what category are you?

This society is so speeded up that people sometimes don´t have time to breathe.They have to do something ALL the time.If they should rest for a while they will become restless to walk a while or do something whatever.

Where comes this endless restless thinking from?

Yes, do work properly, do your homework, practise enough but don´t lose your head for all the results that you will be damaged of it.Spare your mind and body to "recharge your batteries".

The shot then,

When I feel the peace and love in my heart then I am able to enjoy the life to its fullest.

Decide to be one generous person who want to serve other people.Even a business man, in fact the best business people in the world have always been of an ethical status where they want to create the win-win situation.Why should a very wealthy person have a need for even more money, even more houses, even more boats or be materialistic mad in other ways? Shouldn´t it make more sense to share more to others?
Well, some will think, that is charity and not business.


It is a pay-it-forward attitude which is a crucial step from the evilness in a greedy attitude.It is to serve others, it is friends -helping-friends.I don´t know about you but for me that will be the main foundation in my business thinking overall.It doesn´t only make the business more fun, it makes more sense to make this world to a better place.


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