Saturday, August 4, 2012


I read a blogpost with a nagging attitude in the group I have founded, Get Your Blog Followers.
He wrote that almost everything in the blogging world turns out to be around business.

Now, it is important to understand that we have different visions around blogging and if you are a business blogger like me you like to read other similar business blogs.

However, the visions differ and some like to blog about their passions in the life as stamps, poetry, sports, politics or any other kind of blog.Whatever you chose to blog about you have to do it with passion and quality.You can´t learn everything so be sure to find your niche in it.What kind of reasons could lie there behind lack of flexibility for understanding others visions? Failures? Lack of understanding? Jealousy?

There are different reasons but if you are smart you will always try to search for the win-win situation where as many as possible could have a benefit from your blogging without giving up on your message or vision.

SPACE Pictures, Images and Photos We grow as bloggers and some crucial elements in blogging are a truth for all kind of blogging so even if you are running a business blog you should try to vary it with more general guidelines to make way for the understanding.

Let us call it the understanding factor.

Understand The Vision

If you are going to understand the word of someone´s blog you have to understand his/hers vision behind it.You can´t do this with all the blogs out there but you know by yourself who you consider as an example for you, who your mentor is.Understand the vision and in the best of worlds, be a part of that vision.The meaning and purpose of internet business at least for me, is to fill someone´s need.This is a good sign to make a fair judgement on the product or service if it´s enough.Does it fill a need somewhere? Does it make sense? If it does, that is a good sign...

That is also a way to increase your results and improve what you are already doing.

So, even if you are not running a business blog yourself you could learn crucial skills from an attractive business blog anyway.On the other side it can be very amusing for me as a founder of a blogger group to read and recoqnize a blog of another kind and you know I have made interviews here.We meet bloggers in a broad field today so I assume there is room for us all.Don´t think too narrow but find your space, find your room, my friend.You are worthful, you have a potential and you should never give up on blogging!  


Anna L. Walls said...

As in every aspect of life, the blog-o-sphere is a giant jigsaw puzzle and all the parts are required for a complete picture. I might only be interested in the colorful flowers in the picture, but they wouldn't be very colorful if there was nothing else to look at.

Mattias Kroon said...

True Anna!

And if we only would be able to see black and white as colors the life would be pretty boring.Your work is full of colors!