Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creative Marketer

As you can see I have changed the topic of my blog to Creative Marketer instead.

This of several reasons.

1.I want to stick to long term programs, yes, but I know that some decisions have to be made on the short term as well.The former name was simply too long.

2.This is my registered company name in Sweden.

3.This is what my blog is about.

I want to stay focused with what I am doing.I don´t do changes beacause of the only reason to change something but this is what I am blogging about.Creativity and constructive things overall.I want to share that feeling of creativity to my readers and be uplifting in my blogposts.

This post is about some warnings as well.A payment processor like Payza doesn´t make changes to their rules without a reason.They have seen the big risks with these HYIP:s they won´t deal with anymore.Payza wants to continue connected to affiliate marketing but with more sound programs overall.The latest time we have seen some unpleasant disclosed situations around programs like Zeekler, for example.It is dangerous to be blind not to see the dangerous people behind them too.You have to find contacts and mentors with a common sense if you want to make decent money online.

I have never regret that I included fundshares as the biggest part of my business.Of course that market goes up and down as other markets, the difference is the long term vision and experienced people behind the fund companies.The other benefit with funds is that they seldom do claims like "it is very easy to learn all this", they are more professional and if it requires to read certain articles to become better, they show you the need of doing that.

Here, an example of good ethics also working in the interent business:

And why do I prefer programs where you can refer and earn comissions but necessarily aren´t forced to do so? The typical MLM-people are often aggressive in their style and like to put a tremendous pressure on their members to push them towards aggressive marketing all the time and if they try to found other kind of programs they are often "marked" by this thinking to continue to put the same pressure.The most sound kind of opportunity you could find has the following criteria:

1.A honest admin with a good reputation.

2.A well planned opportunity which has both good and trendy products and services.

3.The psychological benefit of being able to earn without recruiting but where you earn bonus commissions on paying referrals.

4.Avoid programs which look far too short term, you should look for opportunities which have the potential to stay in business for years.

When Profit Clicking will continue as the continuation of the former Just Been Paid it will meet these criterias.Better to find one or two greater opportunities with multiple income streams than many of the cheap short term programs out there.

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