Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Driven By Imagination

I am not failing in what I do, I have a working system and am building on with that working system.

If you have a working system you shouldn´t change it, if you have a winning concept, you should only improve it slightly from day to day.Many internet marketers have obstacles in form of ways of thinking, obstacles in their habits.If you have a habit in your thinking that makes you think that you won´t be able to develop new skills in your life you should immediately change that way of thinking to better habits.

Love Pictures, Images and Photos

What about starting to think that you dare to walk that other way instead?

A constant fear of failures will constantly hold you back all the time!

Does it look unknown? Does it look too risky? You shouldn´t take too high risks but you should have a thinking that challenge yourself to open a door to take you on an exciting path you haven´t walked on before.Why haven´t you had the faith to open it before? Are you living in the main stream of everything doing things of the only reason that others have told you so?

Well, you may have listened to good advises but chances are that you have listened to bad advises as well taken you to the heavy ways of bad habits in your thinking again.

The evolving factor, where do you have that? Isn´t the life about evolving all the time? With that said again, don´t ever change a winning concept! Wherever you are on your learning curve you don´t need to look backwards all the time to long for the old life wanting a new nostalgic trip again.Let the past be the past and strive forward, live here and now looking forward to be an interesting person making constructive things for your followers.What made you think in new ways once upon a time when you started to blog whatever blog you have? Was it an experienced blogger? Have you overworked your blogging or do you blog too less? Avoid the ditches and keep your car on the road!

There are always strange ditches lurking and you should keep up your work without the cramp, stress and overwork you know so easily comes over you trying to make 10-12 blogposts in a row.

Write a blogpost when you are hungry, don´t care about that cramp or stress that is so often the fuel for some bloggers.Work when you have that interesting content in your mind, blog when you have the sufficient motivation.Make your blogposts driven by the colorful imagination.

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