Wednesday, August 8, 2012

True Market Research

A hybrid between it and traditional funds, what about that?

There you go again, you are on that path nowadays....

Hehe, a couple of years ago I found affiliate marketing a bit limited to short term programs and included investments in regular funds from my internetbank.A safe way to invest.But I didn´t want to give up on affiliate marketing and then Adventures4U came into business with a slighly different approach but very similar to what we had seen on revenue sharing programs.Now we can´t say they didn´t work but we can say they never became as long term that we wanted?

Just Been Paid, the most long term now is going to change name soon to Clicking For Profit but we will have to wait a while on this.

Now what do I mean with a hybrid between it and traditional funds?

Yes, you got it! Those who traditionally are saving and investing in fundshares don´t usually deal with affiliate marketing connected to different business opportunities and the usual affiliate marketer often say that the stock market or stockfunds isn´t for him.Does it necessarily has to be a contradiction here? I started to educate on how you can read some signals on these fundcurves through a course in forex trading.I didn´t hang on a forex program after that as it can be hard to find the honest admins connected to those.Well, I learnt principals that made me nice profits and still do on my investments.

Not so easy always but you sure have use for your education reading articles and blogs.

What I want to see in the affiliate marketing industry is a hybrid between it thinking and fund thinking and make it really long term and then we are talking five years or so....
Such kind of real investments (not short term HYIP:s), don´t have to grow to 200 000 members or more to be successful, it is enough with the half of it.The true long term factor will always be the attractive products to sell, the right investments after a real marketing research and the experienced people behind it.I won´t give up on affiliate marketing but I want to see more long lasting opportunities, do you?

A true market research is about to discover a certain need a category of costumers have and fill it, whatever the need is.

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