Saturday, September 8, 2012

Common sense and productbased

Internet marketing as we know it has to be more product based.

Until now we have seen many promising models prooving that it was possible to earn from only ad packages, often with a certain fixed rate.The first generation of MLM programs was definitely very dependant of bringing in referrals, in many of them to earn anything at all by filling up different matrices.Investments need to be more real, long term and they just have to proove that they really are investing in the outside streams they are claiming.The continuation there should be an investment opportunity that invest in the stock market and give their members a possibility to share of their wins when that is the case.Although we have seen some successful opportunities in that niche.

Why are so many opportunities of different sorts so short term?

It isn´t a simple answer to this, there are several reasons but one main reason is that the market is watered down of advertising upon advertising and too less of more product based opportunities.A blog is a product.You can advertise your blog with your valued articles but if you only are advertising other advertising programs all the time the lack of content in your business will be obvious.How many are really then buying an e-book? I have a member in Get Your Blog Followers who has sold many examples of her own e-book, so it is possible.What we also need to see is the good continuation of affiliates to sell other products as well in the market of digital products.

Affiliates Pictures, Images and Photos Can´t I get all for free many are asking?

You know that isn´t true, no business can work on solely free products all the time.There aren´t so much of difference between on and offline thinking as many have claimed, face the truth.We have another aspect and that is the payment processors.For the most we only see PayPal connecting to the more product based business online.What we need to see is that more payment processors need to become visible connected to these more productbased opportunities as we have the option to chose the bank we want, offline.

Again, there aren´t that many differences between on and offline thinking as many have claimed.

We will always see different techniques of list building and downlines.However, the weakness has been consistent attempts to design new matrices with a twist hoping that the next matrix will be the fantastic one ensuring the sustainablitity compared to the former.Again, the need of more additional products and the passion for that product is obvious.It´s ok being a consultant or delivering a successful service.People aren´t stupid offline they know more than you think about MLM:s and other sorts of programs.They know that many of the opportunities fail while only 3-5% succeed.If they are sceptical to all programs, then you shouldn´t try to convince them at all, that should be a waste of energy.

A BIG warning here! You should only listen to others coming with constructive criticism to you and NOT listen to the destructive voices inspired by strange rumours.

I believe that we affiliates and investors do have to be connected to both more real investments but also more of real productbased opportunities as well.Connected to advertising networks, of course!

Keep up the evolvement!!

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