Monday, September 3, 2012

Share your inspiration

When you are blogging you want to be motivated, you want to be focused.

However, there are also many posts that occur very spontaneously, they come directly from your heart.From the beginning all blogs were a form of diary.In its evolvement it has become more than that.

A form of platform for business, a place for communication, simply more than just food for thoughts more than a diary.

Food for thoughts

How important this is.Continue your brainstorm with your readers by communicating your food for thoughts with your readers and you may get some very constructive comments and solutions as well if you are listening to them.If you are a serious blogger you are deleting spam comments but at the same time you have to take constructive comments to your heart knowing they can be a part of evolving what you are blogging about.A serious blogger has found his niche even if he wants a broad perspective to view the bigger whole of what he is doing as the professional blogger.Don´t be distressed now, if you recently have begun your blogging you won´t become a professional blogger "overnight", it will take some time.

Do have the self respect you deserve.Everyone won´t like your or respect your blogging but if you have something worthful to come up with you will recieve the good response on your decent blogging.

Dare to write from your heart even if you should have some obvious guidelines for the post.Have you got the proper knowledge for your subject? Only you know the answer for that question.Do your homework, do your own research.Fetch your inspiration from You Tube to the next blogpost on computer games, for example.

Share with others and you will be rewarded back with inspiration!

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Thats true, every worthy post makes a good blog.!