Thursday, September 13, 2012

The dynamic adventure

Blogging is creativity.Blogging is dynamic.

Therefore I haven´t said that I have to make a blogpost every day.It seems like some bloggers just count the numbers of comments on blogs.I have read blogs with comments like "nice", wow, "what a blog", "you are nice", "Hi!, here is the link to my blog.".

Well, what made that blog nice? What made it so amazing? What was so special with it? Did you get a spamming comment from someone?

You should be more specific in your comments and maybe make a question in return when you did your constructive comment.Try to put up a communication if you are a regular reader to a blog, show you are interested in the content and the result should be a win-win where you may recieve more than you think for your interest.
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I don´t recieve comments on every post and be sure I had to delete some spamming comments as well.

However, don´t be afraid, the ones I deleted were very disrespectful.If I am going to show a respectful attitude towards someone the attitude should be the polite and where I consider the potential for sustainable contact is there even if it could be a temporarily reader.If you are blogging on a regular basis you will sure have your circle of readers.

From this to that.

Profit Clicking has started up and I feel excited.The traffic exchange will be a big part of it.Additional products will be added in the store as the migration process will be fulfilled step by step.Do have patience in this process as it is better they are doing it careful than to rush it through.Remember to surf your required 25 sites a week.You can already purchase ad packages and the ones migrated from the old JBP will soon produce its income.

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