Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Coming Hybrid?

Blogging for education, blogging as the perfect tool....

Blogging has definitely come to stay in different perspectives.You can use it as the businessperson but you can use it for other purposes.

Don´t come under pressure if you are blogging about your favorite movies without making money on it.

But to be honest, if that is your goal I hope you have the guts and put in some money to begin with.For me it is the perfect combination to have the blog as my business platform and as an affiliate drive traffic to the opportunities I am recommending.Now, I am not an affiliate for Morningstar but I am recommending their site as they are rating the best funds where the highest and best funds recieve 5 stars.But be aware that saving or investing in funds is definitely on the long term.Though I would recommend that you check the status on your funds every day and not only once per month cause that could cost you a lot of money.

I am investing in funds through my internet bank in Sweden.

Now it isn´t easy to market every fund´s homepage as there could be restrictions for certain countries but if you are sure you have the space to recommend a certain fund to a friend you could do it, on a tips and share-basis without getting paid for the tip.If you want to earn good money on funds you have to know what kind of fund you should invest in knowing what kind of time it is.In shaky times like this it is most recommendable to invest in silver, gold and other metals and combine that with investments in The Central and Eastern of Europe for now where countries like Poland and Turkey have a good growth despite the insecure financial situation.

You should also keep in mind to be somewhat flexible.If your shares have grown over a couple of months, you don´t have to wait, you could then bring in the profit, buy some clothes or reinvest again.You don´t necessarily have to wait for years to bring in the profits even if you should have the long term perspective in your investments.

Be flexible and have a timing!

You may ask.How can you combine that with affiliate marketing? Well, funds don´t have affiliate marketing but who knows what kind of combination or hybrid is coming....?

No, the affiliate marketing I am doing is marketing other business opportunities like Profit Clicking and similar opportunities.They are as funds of different degrees of risks but never too high risks though.

Here, a presentation of the best running program on the net right now!

So, I have multiple income streams.On one side, the affiliate marketing and on the other side, a diversified portfolio of fundshares.This to limit the risks and to invest with the common sense as I never will lose.
Be aware of the many services online where you can share your expertis and use your blog as the the perfect platform!

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