Sunday, October 21, 2012

Featuring Shreya Redeemed

If you hear a lie many, many times over and over it could become like a truth for you if you aren´t aware of the deceving power in lies.

Many years ago I read some poetry and didn´t got attracted by it in that time.I thought it was something ridicolous that was a reflection of an empty fantasy.A few years ago I began to study poetry and that was the time before I started my online ventures.

It wasn´t easy to get the grip on the metaphors and various forms but I got educated on it I have to say.

 Some of the bloggers I have featured have been more grateful than others for the services I provide, I have to be straight forward here cause if someone who is an example for me amongst internet leaders or experienced marketers do something of value for me I show my gratitude back to them in an obvious way, be sure of that.

Shreya Reedemed is a talented blogger who is running a poetry blog and her blog is called Carté Blanche.A short description of her here:

I want this world to be my oyster and me the shining pearl.. Am born with the desire to see this world through rose coloured spectacles.. I try to take my challenges as my opportunities.. My hope is still in pink n my idea is to learn something best from worst.. I extract the best, doesn't matter where I get it from...

Her latest poem there is titled Complicated.It has a rhyming scheme which goes; the fourth line in every stanza rhymes on the last word in every second line in every stanza.The content is a persons efforts to find herself in a complicated world.What to do next? Can we rely on our feelings?

Certainly a poem with many questions but with no direct answer.In my opinion a good poem which maybe should contain one or two possible answers in the last stanza.

We have to listen to our inner feelings and signals to a degree but not to be too overtaken by them but try to navigate our mind in a way that we aren´t losing ourselves.If you feel complicated, seek the answer to it.

If you are losing yourself, seek the firm ground.
If you are searching for the answers, do know that they are to be found.
If you want to overcome fear, recieve love instead.
If you need self confidence, get the wisdom from your reliable friends.

Lucky for me though I didn´t swallow the lie about poetry being vanity.Poetry is exciting, educating and encouraging!

Finally, a video on the theme Complicated:




Shreya said...

Thanks for featuring my blog here. :) It is an honor. :)

I was trying to open this blog link, finally got open.

Thanks :)

Mattias Kroon said...

You are welcome Shreya!

It is most interesting to feature you like this and also a way for me to know you more.

Anjali Singh said...

Congrats gal :)