Saturday, October 27, 2012

So Called Advises

There are advises and there are so called advises....

What do you mean by that?

People outside the internet business do seldom understand the typical differences between online business thinking and offline business thinking but there are some obvious differences which are very important to understand.One main difference is that much of the internet business is serviceminded and if you would like to be an affiliate for some kind of products, you have to find a very trendy product, preferably downloadable computergames.And as very reader know with basic knowledge around this, you are the affiliate for a company which does the selling for you, your task is to drive traffic to the site.

The affiliate earn commissions on different upgrades by paying members and on ad shares, for example.You can also be both a marketer and an investor, of course.

Whatever concept you have, make sure it works from the beginning to build further on then.The typical strategy for the internet marketer is to share something for free first to offer a beneficial upgrade then in the program which the marketer is an affiliate for.

And here comes the explanation for the headline there...

 When you have a strategy that works, then people with poor understanding of how the internet business works come with all sorts of advises.Do only listen to those who have a respectable insight in principals for the internet business, where as I mentioned there are more useful services and digital products in comparison to the offline world where you more often on the other side want to take the physical product in your hands, before buying it.

Therefore many information products, consulting services, e-books and other educational services suits the design of the best business opportunity online.Of course, it is a matter of taste, but stick to the best trends.

There are people who believe in the internet business evolvement and there are those who want to live in the past decades all the time...however, those who want to understand the internet business and the principals for it have to know that you have use for some principals from offline business but there are other very clear differences as well.

It is very seldom you are walking into a store offline and get some products for free to pay for the rest.Online you nearly always can register for free in a program to "taste" it and then upgrade if you want to earn money in it.

The people with insight want to give you the right advises, the sceptical people don´t want you to succeed, they will share their, so called advises. 


Anna L. Walls said...

Love the cartoon. hahaha
If I ever decide to try to start making money on line, you know who I'm going to turn to first. Be prepared to explain it to a two-year-old.

Mattias Kroon said...

Thanks Anna!

You are definitely welcome and believe me, I always want to share my best advises along the way.