Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Drawback of the Word Anonymous

You have heard it the last days and you have heard it before, the DDOS-Attacks on both businesses and banks online and now towards swedish authorities.

Is this anything new?

Of course not.Nearly every serious opportunity online are facing these attacks and they are "delivered" from organized criminals who yet try to "justify" their undemocratical methods.They try to give a glimpse of being serious in their ways but they are nothing else than organized criminals.They are using the same methods as scamartists are using when they try to fool people decieving them.

As the internet user you are you have to watch out so you won´t lose your guard online being unaware of the true risks out there lurking not only after your money but after your personal information as well.

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Fear is an obstacle.Are you afraid  being hitted yourself? Be aware of the the things you can do to protect yourself.

1.Do a search on people you are in contact with assuring they are real.
2.Don´t give out too much of personal information to others and of course not ever your own password to anyone.Really basic knowledge but many are yet doing those mistakes.
3.Do a search on different opportunities you want to sign up for.
4.Prefer to use https-adresses more than the usual http- adresses-
5.Make a map of the different phishing and fraud tactics criminals are using when they want you to click on unknown emails.

Have a balance here.

As you want to keep your integrity online you can be suspicous towards those who are anonymous all the time on the net.Are they stalking you in their bad comments on your blog? They may be anonymous as they are hiding something themselves and you should keep the option to moderate the comments keeping the right to delete destructive and negative comments.If the criticism is wrong and not constructive, just delete it!

Stick to good people you can rely on all the time and keep in mind, you will lose money if you are dealing with the bad people!

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