Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Share Strategy

My fundshares are on minus right now and it is a good lesson in patience.

With this said I know this is part of the reality cause a market goes up and down.

With this said I have in mind all the profits I have brought in earlier this year with occassional losses along the way but only when I trade.

Oooopppss! What did you say?

Yes, I never sell in panic when my shares are on minus but I wait them in until they get on plus again.

You have to win the psychological battle so you won´t act in panic!

How will the future then be in the internet business?

I believe we will see more of reasonable investments where they not only are claiming, but really invest in outside funds preferrably.Some years ago we saw an excellent investment opportunity called Genius Funds where I got in profit pretty quick and then built further on it.They invested in two outside bondfunds.

I want to see more of that hybrids between IT and Fundthinking! Most preferable!

Could you see that? It won´t satisfy the most aggresive MLM-Marketers but it will seem very interesting for the one who truly is both a sound internet marketer and also an investor.Can you see it coming? It requires, of course, reliable founders and admins who want to run them on the long term, of course.

Always build trust!

In a time like this many are investing in metals, in regions like The Central and Eastern Europe or in interest funds.Do you read articles about investments? Here is a video about investments in The Central and Eastern Europe.But remember, when you have found your platform for investments, give the shares time to grow.Though you should be rather flexible at the same time knowing, a profit is a profit even if it isn´t that large amount of money every time.

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