Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Strong Ongoing Trend

Why are these passive income earners so popular right now?

The answer is pretty simple even if it requires an explanation.If we are going back in history to study the beginning of the old MLM-models from that time everyone who is familiar with that can remind themselves how hard it was to earn money with them.

You were forced to recruit, you were forced to fill a matrix and many online marketers were under a tremendous pressure with that kind of models.And typical, many of them were far too short term as well.

What kind of work do you have to do with passive income earners when the admin takes care of it?

Well, you yet need to advertise and market it cause we want them to grow, of course?

You have to do your research to find the best of them!

However, the main difference between the typical MLM-program and passive income earners is that you will earn rebates on your purchased positions or shares without the forced recruiting, that will become optional instead.If you are following my updated blogposts you have read about hybrids and if you want a hybrid between IT and funds you could call them passive programs.

But yet you have a task to fulfill, namely to educate yourself by reading articles on investments, hybrids and learn from the principals there.

Believe me, it isn´t an easy journey, your path will include both ups and downs as any market goes both up and down.Count with both wins and losses, don´t live in Uthopia, that won´t help you anywhere.I have seen many online marketers start out with that attitude.

Don´t spend more than you can afford to lose.

Here I come, I am Superman, I will succeed all the time, both night and day.

You will eventually succeed with persistance, you will beat the obstacles, you will conqueer if you are educating yourself.

The knowledge and experience you gather along the way will make sure that you collect the crucial information by reading good blog articles where you combine fun learning by practising the knowledge online.Can you see it, can you feel it?

Beat the obstacles
Learn from experienced marketers
Advertise the passive income earners but without the MLM-pressure
Practise multiple income streams

Educate yourself all the time by reading relevant articles!  

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