Sunday, November 4, 2012

Featuring Douglas Paul

I would like to feature Douglas Paul in my blogpost today.

About him:

 If I could only share one thing with you about me it would be after 18 years in the Corporate World I decided that I wanted to create a life that I was in control of. A life were I have the freedom to chose my hours, who I work with and not have a limit on my earning potential. For this reason I started my own business and have put together the systems to help others do the same. I have teamed up with some of the top people in the industry to make the process of success as simple as possible. We have put a system together that anyone can follow to duplicate your success and consistently grow your income over time. I thank you for visiting my site an look forward to helping you create your own financial freedom. We as a team can create freedom!

He is blogging about abundance in his latest blogpost.We know how important this is.In a time where more and more people in the traces of the financial crisis become poor even in the western world, then we need to share of our abundance to others in need.This don´t have to be charity every time.If you are an investor, you could contribute to a win-win situation and invest in areas where you also benefit poor people.

An excerpt here from Douglas latest post:

As you shift your mindset, your vision and your beliefs about your right to abundance you will in turn change what you experience.

Abundance is your natural state

and is something that we all can and will embody as long as we are willing to think, feel and believe differently.

What do you think?

This shows an insight in what you need to achieve yourself but as with many other goals, it doesn´t happen "overnight".Don´t let others tell you won´t become anything, cause that is definitely a lie.Of course, there are many lies in this world and you need to stick to your self confidence and listen to more good people instead.

Do you want to change your thinking?

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