Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Funds were invented long ago.

Today when alternative opportunities connected to affiliate marketing also are here to stay we should see a new thinking where more hybrids between fundthinking and IT become a reality.We have heard some warnings that the robottrading on the stockmarket would cause damages to the different markets but that never happened.It should be considered as a tool as invented robots in the industries.

When two swedish scientists took a closer look at the consequenses they found many benefits with the robots instead.

So, properly used they are improving the market.And why not? Robots in the traditional industries are improving the results.However we will always need people to run them, won´t we? Of course....

How to improve the profit for individual investors and savers then, except developing our own strategies?

I believe that the fund companies have to become more flexible in their investments.If they have to change their investments into a growing area during a certain period, they should be flexible enough to do that not to change their overall investment strategy though.Everything won´t happen on the long term, we need some results on the short term as well.

Why this fear for changes then?

This is deeply rooted in the human nature.Necessary changes feels like a threat in times we get over from one society form to another.Looking back we lived in the traditional industry society and now in the information society.If you don´t think this matters you are wrong cause we can all see the changes with the information or the knowledge society.

The development goes faster, we need to be updated faster and we need help from experts.

Every opportunity online needs to be more marketrelated.It´s hard to be sustainable for an opportunity to promise a certain percent of return on your investments or purchases all the time instead of sharing what they really can.When an opportunity runs into harder times most members start to panic and it causes worries.

Read on a fund companiy´s homepage, they never guarantee a certain return on investment even if they have a strong record in the past.In the beginning of this year I made good profits on my fundshares though it can go up and down, of course.

Don´t give up even if you have to go through harder times. 

Getting over the threshold to a new thinking isn´t done in a second, it takes years for people stucked in an old thinking.This hasn´t anything to do with giving up on your values or your spiritual beliefs, take them with you.
It has to do with attitudes.A humble attitude should tell someone to know that he doesn´t have all the knowledge but needs to learn new skills in a new society.

Here, an example of an excellent investment opportunity:


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