Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Manual For Blogging

Time for blogging again.

When did you start blogging? Have you achieved what you wanted with your blogging? Did you reach your readers?

You have to try to answer these questions even if they can be hard to face.Face the reality of this!
If you want progress in your writings you have to find the answers to these questions.


1.Examine your blogging
2.What works?
3.What kind of improvements do you need?


Examine your blogging

What kind of response did you get on your posts? Even if you don´t recieve comments every time you have got some kind of response to examine if you have managed to blog in an attractive way or not.

What works?

Stick to the kind of blogging that works for you, you can clearly follow your statisitics in the back office or dashboard.

What kind of improvements do you need?

When you are doing researches in the blogosphere, what then did you learn from others blogging that could improve your own blogging?


When you find the answers to these and other questions arising, then it´s up to you to put your knowledge to action and take further steps forward.Keep up your good work and evolve your blogging.

Take one step at the time and make your own blogging to a success whether it is a business blog or other kind of blog!  

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