Saturday, December 22, 2012

Don´t Worry, Merry Christmas!

Heading for the Christmas weekend we need to value the spiritual parts of this.

Even if we know that Jesus was born several months before Christmas Day we want to celebrate this weekend to remember what the Greatest Man of history did for the mankind.As the Chrisitan Passover somewhat has the beginning in the Jewish Pesach we could say that the Christmas somewhat has its beginning in the Jewish Hanukah.

Traditions like this has always been important to me and I believe we need it in all times.

Crucial is the peace in heart and joy with families and friends, the warmth in the hearts to keep the atmosphere kind and gentle.I remember many years ago when we gathered at our grandmother´s and grandfather´s warm home to celebrate Christmas with our relatives.Haven´t we all very good memories from those times? Times are changing and we learn new things in life along the lifepath and liferoad.

Other times at year we gathered eager to watch grandmother open the next package from U.S as we have relatives there who were sending their packages to us here in Sweden.

Curiosity, experience and eagrness to learn more, hasn´t it both to do with traditions and business?
For the most I am a business man who likes to blog about the next step in my business but when it comes to different traditions, I would like to keep it as it is.I believe that is of great importance both for nations and families.

Now, a video here, some nice Christmas Songs for You! I like you All!


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