Saturday, December 8, 2012

Guest Article-Gordon Boehler

I and Gord have known each other for a long time online.He is my guestblogger for the day.He has very much experience in the internet business.

To cowork with an experienced internet marketer like him is a real win-win.He started his own program,
GrandBankClub which is like a hybrid, an advertising program where you also can invest in different plans with a very smart idea.Every time you want to get a withdrawal with certain requirements you need to purchase an unit before that withdrawal.As I have been a member there several years I am in profit there since a long time ago.To get a 54 dollars withdrawal I have to purchase one unit in The Easy40Plan for 42.63 dollars and then I am directly in profit by the marigin in between, namely 11.37 dollars.I use to be able to request several payments from his program every week as I have a growing balance all the time.This is one of several paying programs I am marketing online.Check out his program for a close look:


Now, to his article on how he got interested in the business online:

 I would like to thank Mattias for the opportunity to post
this guest article on his Blog. We have both been in this
business of making money online for several years now.

Blogging is what I enjoy most online beside friends of
course and those ever welcome.. inbox messages that
I got paid from a program or company.

I started looking into making a dollar online back around
2003 and there wasn't the abundance of "passive earning"
programs available today where sponsoring is not a requirement
to earn money. It's very easy to get started today and begin
getting paid in the same week, or day, depending on the
funds deposited.

After spinning my wheels for 3 months in downline builder and
Matrix orientated programs, I began looking at the big picture.
I have to do this my way... not following on the coat tails of the
gurus of that time... falling into traps like buying leads. I was
paying them money and getting zip.

So, I started blogging... first on "free" platforms and then launched
a hosted Blog a few years ago called.... Gord's Home
I enjoy writing articles and expressing my opinion, not only on
the online niches that I pursue... but topics in general, as well.

As I mentioned, the "passive" program niche is alive and well in
2012 heading into 2013 and the easiest "work free" sites to make
money online. I'm in several of these currently, that I write about
in my Blog.

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